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Product name Features Specifications/Approvals Continuous operating temperature Sizes Shrink ratio Available colors
Heat shrink tubing / Single / Flame Retarded - -45 to 120℃ 30~150mm Approx. 35% Black
[Large diameter flame-retarded heat-shrinkable tubing]
Heat shrink tubing / Single / Non Flame Retarded UL / CSA / PSE / SAE -55 to 105℃ 30~150mm Approx. 35% Black,Clear
[Large diameter heat-shrinkable tubing]
Heat shrink tubing / Dual / Non Flame Retarded - -55 to 120℃ 04-1220~50-1220 min. 60% Black
[Medium wall heat-shrinkable tubing with meltable adhesive]


※The product data in this website represent typical values measured from a single product. Features of the products also represent their general physical properties. These data do not guarantee the safety of the products in individual applications. Therefore, you are required to unconditionally check by yourself that the particular products conform to the safety requirements of your particular applications. Please understand that Sumitomo Electric and its affiliates do not assume any responsibility for any accidental or indirect loss.

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