Sumitomo Electric's irradiated products have been succeeding to the development of the electronic equipment, automobile, aviation, and various other industries.
We will now introduce the multiple uses for SUMITUBE.

01 Insulation / Protection

SUMITUBE insulates and protects a wide range of wires and cables, which is the primary application of the product. Typically, SUMITUBE A and F (Z) series are used, but single wall tubing may be used depending on applications.

02 Waterproof tube / CAP

Dual wall tubing such as W3B2, SA3 and SA3CAP are used for Waterproof / encapsulation for wiring harnesses of automobiles.

03 Substitution for coating / Cosmetics / Corrosion Protection

SUMITUBE products are also used for corrosion protection, which has similar surface finishing as coating.
We can recommend dual wall tubing for waterproof applications.

04 Loosening prevention / Fixing

SUMITUBE prevents screws and bolts from loosening. The photograph shows an example using a thick-wall tube.

05 Identification

SUMITUBE can be used to distinguish individual wires in harnesses, by sheathing with (1) transparent tubes or (2) letter-printed tubes.

06 Chemical resistant / Oil resistant

SUMITUBE is also used for chemical and oil protection. Typically, SUMITUBE K and K2 are resistant. Refer to the page of each product for details of oil and chemical resistance.

07 Sumitube STS

Sumitube STS devices allow for the reliable solder termination of a wide variety of coaxial cables as well as pin-to-pin, and wire-to-pin connection applications.

08 Others

SUMITUBE covers the handles of long shears and tools to have a good grip and prevent electric shock. Depending on your condition, the most suitable type will be recommended. Please contact us.

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