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What is the difference between SUMITUBE™, IRRAX™TUBE and IRRAX™SLEEVE?
SUMITUBE™ is a trade mark of our heat-shrinkable tube. IRRAX™TUBE is heat-resistant tube, or non-shrinkable SUMITUBE. IRRAX™ SLEEVE is a large-sized, heat-shrinkable tube, or to be considered as a large-diameter SUMITUBE.
How can I choose the correct size?
Please go to find the "Choosing the correct size" page.
What color tones are available for SUMITUBE?
SUMITUBE comes in 2 color types: tint and opaque. Non flame-retardant items such as SUMITUBE™ A and C have tint colors with shiny surface finishing; SUMITUBE A4 has opaque colors. Flame retardant Polyolefin items such as SUMITUBE™ F(Z) series and B2 have opaque ones with a matte finishing. SUMITUBE™ B2 has many colors in stock besides black.
What kind of resin material is POLYOLEFIN?
It is a polyethylene-based material, resin composed of carbon and hydrogen, typified by polyethylene.
How can I shrink SUMITUBE efficiently?
You need to consider the processing capacity and the object to be sheathed, but in general, heating gun and mass production type heating furnace, thermo-static chamber can work for it.
Although it is also possible to shrink by heating liquid media, it is not recommendable for the applications in electrical insulation, waterproofing, and corrosion protection. heating guns and shrinking machines are available from us. Please contact us for details.
Which tube is highly resistant against oil and chemical?
Since the irradiated products have a chemical net structure bridging between molecules, they have excellent oil and chemical resistance in comparison with non-bridging general resin products. In SUMITUBE lineup, especially SUMITUBE K and SUMITUBE D have excellent oil and chemical resistance.
Which tube is highly weather resistant?
Generally in all products, black-color type has excellent weather resistance due to its sunglasses effect. In non-black-color type, SUMITUBE A4 is recommended.

Specifications / Approvals and Technical Information

Where can I get a catalog of your products?
Please refer to E-catalog. If you need a booklet catalogue, please submit your request through the Inquiry Page.
How can I download item page PDFs?
You can find E-catalog on TOP page and download PDFs there.
What is "SFP Standard"?
It is not an official certification such as UL standard, but our own in-house specifications based on test standard complying with official evaluation method.
What is flame-retardant rating VW-1?
It is a flame retardant grade defined in the UL224 standard, being approved only for the products that pass the vertical flame retardant test. The code VW-1 is derived from the flame-out time within one minute in a burning state of Vertically-held tube inserted with Wire.
How can I obtain environmental data such as MSDS for your products?
Please contact your distributor to request the MSDS data.


Where can I purchase SUMITUBE?
You can purchase Sumitube from our distributors. If you cannot find out where to buy it, please contact us from inquiry form so that we will introduce your nearest distributor.
What is your minimum order quantity?
Minimum order quantity depends on each product. Please contact to distributor.
What kind of packing styles of SUMITUBE?
SUMITUBE is generally packed in a paper reel for lengthy products or into a bundle for cut pieces.
The cross-sectional shape of tube is round for an inner diameter size of 6 (or 1/4 inch) or smaller, and flat for the larger size. Just for your reference, generally IRRAX TUBE is lengthy, packed into a bundle winding, having a round cross-sectional shape.

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