[Watertight crimp connector tube]

■ Sumiseal comprises a copper crimp barrel and heat-shrinkable semirigid two-layer polyolefin tube. The crimp barrel connects electrical wires when crimped, while the tube insulates the wires. Hot-melt adhesive is coated over the inner wall of the two-layer tube so that the adhesive melts and fills the gap between the crimped barrel and wire when the tube is shrunk. Because of the above feature, Sumiseal can be used to connect electrical wires, and at the same time, protect the wire joint from water, dust, and other undesirable external influences. Moreover, connecting wires using this product makes the wire joint smoother, more compact, and more reliable than conventional tape-based waterproofing processes.

  • moisture resistance Dual
  • Non Flame Retarded


  • ■ Protection of wire harnesses in automobiles and wire joints in household electrical appliances, ships, machine tools, and other equipment from water, oil, vibration, and dust

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Basic Properties

Category Heat shrink tubing
Material Electron beam cross-linked semi-rigid polyolefin, hot-melt adhesive, and copper crimp barrel
Flammability Non Flame Retarded
Shrink temperature min. 120℃
Continuous operating temperature -40 to 105℃
Specifications/Approvals SFP standard (R4-0200)
Marking on Surface
Available colors Red, Yellow, Blue
Flexibility Semi-rigid
Environmental Compliance RoHS,ELV
Industry Automotive,Construction machinery,Industrial machinery,Electronics


Items Test method and judgment criteria
Withstand voltage Apply AC3,400V (60 Hz) between the outer surface of the test specimen (seal) and the electrical wire inside the specimen. The specimen must withstand the test voltage for 1 minute.
Sealing performance After immersing in water for 1 month at a depth of 1m, the test specimen must pass the withstand voltage test.
Thermal cycle After 5 thermal cycles (1 cycle = -25℃ x 30 min → 20℃ x 10 min → 75℃ x 30 min → 20℃ x 10 min), the test specimen must pass the withstand voltage test.
Crimp the test specimen at -20℃, leave it for 1 hour at -55℃, then allow it to return to room temperature. The test specimen must pass the withstand voltage test.
fatigue performance
After subjecting to vibration for 8 hours at an acceleration of 7G, the test specimen must pass the withstand voltage test.


Product serial number zh-cn = 品项 [外径] en = Outside diameter Dimensions(mm) Applicable wire size 専用
Standard colors
L l mm2 AWG
SS-2220 1.4 3.8 25 11.5 0.3~0.5 22-20 NH-82 600V 19A
SS-1816 1.7 4.2 37 15.0 0.75~1.25 18-16 NH-82 600V 19A
SS-1414 2.3 4.9 37 15.0 2.0 14 NH-82 600V 27A
SS-1010 3.4 6.4 42 15.0 5.5 10 NH-82 600V 49A
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