[Heat-resistant tape]

■ Free of lead, lead compounds and dioctyl phthalate
■ Flame-retarded

  • moisture resistance Single
  • Flame Retarded


  • ■ Insulation, bundling, and protection of wire harnesses and parts for automobiles
    ■ Protection and bundling of lead wires and parts which are subject to high temperature
    ■ Protection of wiring where flame retardance is required

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Basic Properties

Category Heat-resistant tubing (Non-shrinkable)
Material Cross-linked flexible flame-retarded polyvinyl chloride resin (with pressure sensitive adhesive backing)
Flammability Flame Retarded
Continuous operating temperature -30 to 105℃
Specifications/Approvals SFP standard (R2-1300)
Marking on Surface
Available colors Black, Gray
Flexibility Flexible
Environmental Compliance RoHS,ELV
Industry Automotive,Construction machinery,Industrial machinery,Electronics

Oil/Chemical resistance (room temperature)

Gasoline Gas oil Lubricant Alcohol Acid Alkali

:Very good :Good :Not applicable in some cases


Properties Items Requirements Typical values*1
Mechanical Tensile strength (before aging)
Tensile strength (after aging)
Elongation (before aging)
Elongation (after aging)
Heat shock
Low temperature resistance

Lap joint adhesion (before aging)
Adhesion strength (before aging)
Adhesion strength (after aging)
29.4N/19mm in width min.
120℃ x 7 days, 29.4N/19mm in width min.
min. 125%
120℃ x 7 days, min. 100%
200℃ x 0.5 hours, no melting
-45℃ x 1 hour, no crack
No adhesive sticking to the back surface of
the next layer
29.4N/19mm in width min.
1.96N/19mm in width min.
*2,   85% of original
33.2N/19mm in width
33.6N/19mm in width

35.0N/19mm in width
3.3N/19mm in width
Electrical Dielectric withstand (before aging)
Volume resistivity
AC1.0kV x 60 sec., no breakdown
min. 1.0 x 1012Ω・cm
1.3 x 1015Ω・cm
Chemical Flammability Flame-retarded (Oxygen index  min. 23.5) 25.0

*1: For reference use only  *2: 70℃ x 4 hours, immersion in water x 0.5 hours, 70℃ x 5 hours


Nominal size(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Width(mm) Unit length(m)
0.09×19 0.09±0.02 19.0±1.0 30 min.
0.09×25 0.09±0.02 25.0±1.0 30 min.
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