[Tube shrinking machine for harness joints]

■ Continuous processing of harness joints on a belt conveyor
■ High-reliability waterproofing of joints by proper temperature/speed control
■ Fail-proof system that reverses the belt conveyor direction if the heating temperature deviates from a preset range
■ Stable temperature control with upper and lower ceramic heaters
■ Desktop device with an overall length of 1m

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Basic Properties

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Items Description
Power source Single-phase AC200V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 2.0kW
Heater Far-infrared ceramic surface heater 200V
1 kW x 2 (upper and lower surfaces)
Temperature control PID control by K-thermocouple on upper heater
Heating temperature range Recommended preset temperature: 550℃
Workpiece conveyance method Conveys workpieces on two belts
Distance between belts: 170mm
Belt conveyor speed variable range 0.3 - 3.0m/min
Applicable tube size Inside diameter: max. 20mm
Applicable tube length max. 80mm
Weight 40kg
Outside dimensions 202 (W) x 980 (L) x 670 (H) mm
Safety measures Circuit breaker (turns off power source)
Emergency stop button
(stops heaters, belt conveyor, and fan)
Door-open detection switch
(stops heaters and belt conveyor)

 Note: Use a power plug that matches the power socket at the SUMISHRINKER installation site.

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